26 Essential Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For the Baseball Mom

April 22, 2021

We live in a time and place of ball game mad baseball and softball moms who combine mom life with baseball life, and eagerly await game day so they can cheer on their favorite MLB teams.

Where would we be without our Moms?

They created us, nurtured us, love us unconditionally… and this is their day of celebration.

Let’s give a hand to Moms the world over!

So here is a list of perfect gifts, from bestsellers to something a little more quirky, for you to check out, to help make Mother’s Day and game day special for mothers who love baseball the length and breadth of the land.

Daughter to Mother

1. Necklaces

baseball mother's day gift - necklace

Here you can find a beautiful collection of baseball necklaces, the perfect gift from daughter to mother. With prices to suit all budgets, these classy necklaces are great, heartfelt, baseball mom gifts for the mother who prefers the understated look. A simple but beautiful way to show mom the appreciation she deserves.

2. Tank Tops

baseball mother's day gift idea - sports tank tops

For the baseball mom who prefers to be more loud and proud about her love for the ball game, why not head to the checkout with one of these Stylish Tank Tops. While the sun’s out, mom can be rocking the stands and spilling mustard down a tank top of your choice.

3. Tote Bags


baseball mother's day gift idea - sports themed tote bags


If there’s one thing that mom is sure to do, it's to overpack the ‘essentials’ for the big game… sunscreen… makeup… snacks… three purses…

So why not head over to Fanatics and browse through their huge range of baseball-inspired tote bags? The tote bag is perfect for carrying everything to the game and can be folded away in a flash once it’s served its purpose.

Fanatics.com offers a range of bags and luggage for the travelling baseball mom.

4. Mobile Phone Cases


baseball mother's day gift idea - mobile phone cases


Is Mom always with her phone? Then why not gift her with a bright and useful case to help protect the gadget and show it off in style? 

Son to Mother

Now the son is more likely to go for the more outstated baseball gift because it’s no secret, we know... You might just want to get some use out of it yourself!

The son is typically more clued up on his baseball gift ideas, but let’s throw a few out there just for good measure.

5. Hit One Outta The Park!


baseball mother's day gift idea - signed baseball bat


Let’s start straight off with the good old, straight-up, baseball bat. The ultimate unisex present... The main tool of the game, the weapon of choice, some top lumber, a real slugger. And why not get that mom-who-lives-for-game-day’s a bat with her favorite player’s autograph right along the side of the timber?

Personalized baseball equipment are very popular amongst basenball fans so why not treat mom to this swinger with her favorite baseball player’s signature right along its side! 

6. Dugout Mugs - Baseball Bat Mugs and Glasses



baseball mother's day gift idea - baseball bat mugs and glasses


Let’s not forget that right here at Dugout Mugs we offer a huge range of top-quality baseball-inspired drinking vessels for that thirsty mom on game day. Whether you’re after a Dugout Mug or a hefty wine glass, get mom drinking right out of a baseball bat while she settles in to watch the action unfold. Head over to our shop and checkout with a custom mug featuring mom’s favorite MLB team or even a family photo.

7. Baseball Earrings


baseball mother's day gift idea - baseball themed earrings


If you’re feeling a little more inventive and sentimental this Mother’s Day, how about getting that special person a set of baseball earrings. Maybe Mom has multiple piercings-- there’s nothing you can’t pierce nowadays, right?

So here are some brilliant, inventive earring gift ideas for the baseball mad mother. Maybe go for something generic, or why not a specific team gift? She’s sure to love them.

8. A Hat


baseball mother's day gift idea - signed baseball hat


How about a cozy, stylish hat for the winter months when not even the hotdogs are enough to keep you warm in the stands. Everyone loves a toasty beanie, or even a… you guessed it… baseball cap! Why not start your search at the Steiner Sports Memorabilia shop itself for a great baseball mom gift. Alternatively go with fanatics.com, where you can find all sorts of baseball hats-- like this Boston Red Sox New Era Red Fitted Hat.

Shallow Pockets?

Now, not all kids have got a whole heap of money lying around to lavish on their Moms this coming special day, especially with the current situation. But fear not, there are some great, inexpensive gift ideas for those who are a little harder up.

9. The Good Old Simple Mother’s Day Card


Well, let’s start with the simple but always appreciated greeting card. Mom will be sure to love one lovingly made by yourself but there are a huge number of stores out there that will custom print you just what you need.

10. A Simple Baseball Keychain or Lanyard


baseball mother's day gift idea - MLB keychain and lanyard


Mom will appreciate anything you get her if it fits her personality, so how about a simple baseball keychain or lanyard? She can show off her love for the game , have something to hang her keys or IDs from, and make them harder to lose! Here are some brilliant ideas for keychains or lanyards for the mom who has everything else.

11. Baseball Flip Flops


baseball mother's day gift idea - MLB baseball flip flops and sandals


Flip flops are great. Easy to slip on and off, plenty of room for the feet to breathe, and comfortable to boot. Check out these great baseball flip-flops that don’t cost the Earth, (which shows that there are all sorts of inexpensive but thoughtful gifts you can find through the wonder of the internet nowadays).

You can see mom now, scooting back to the fridge during a break in play. Flip flops, great for at home, the field, or Fenway Park.

Husband to Wife

Yeah, you don’t get away with it either, especially if you have little ones. Now, husbands tend to have a lot more money than their kids, and let’s face it, they’re expected to spend it! So let’s look at some great Mother’s Day gift ideas for the wife, and not hold back this time…

12. Take Me Out To The Ball Game, Take Me Out With The Crowd (Socially Distanced!)


baseball mother's day gift idea - MLB game tickets


Straight off the bat (pun intended)... a season ticket, or at least a special seat at a special game for that special lady. Tickets aren’t cheap, and good ones often aren’t easy to come by, but it’s the ultimate experience for any baseball fan. Maybe she’s never been to a game before? Treat her. Make it a special occasion by turning it into a night out with a table at a nice restaurant before or after. Maybe you can arrange a meet and greet with some players past and present. Maybe Even use the special occasion to pop the question? Get yourselves up there on the big screen.

So it’s straight to the MLB site for this one, but keep a close eye as always on Covid regulations.

13. A Genuine Replica Baseball Jersey


baseball mother's day gift idea - MLB genuine replica jerseys and patches


Genuine MLB baseball jerseys are WOW expensive, but they are the mark of the true fan. There’s no feeling quite like donning the shirt of legends. Why not get it customized with her name or nickname on the back. The best place is straight to the official MLB Shop for this one. Though for MLB jersey patches to add on, try Patch Collection’s baseball section.

14. Ladies Love Jewelry


baseball mother's day gift idea - official MLB licensed jewelry


Ladies love jewelry. No, ladies LOVE when their man buys them a nice piece of expensive, beautiful jewelry. So many options out there to choose from and in case you haven’t been paying attention, check out her jewelry box to see what sort of stuff she’s into. The sky’s the limit on this one, and here is a good place to start looking for inspiration.

15. Home Exercise Machines


baseball mother's day gift idea - home exercise bikes


Is your lady into fitness? Maybe she even plays baseball herself? Maybe she’s even a coach. And what do you get a coach for a gift? Especially in these strange times?

Indoor online training is all the rage right now.  With this strategy, far from all turning into couch potatoes like we all predicted, more and more people are getting hyper-fit in the comfort of their own homes. Why not treat mom to a nice comfortable indoor bike where she can even race against the pros?

16. A Softball Set


baseball mother's day gift idea - sports box with pre-selected goodies


If you have little ones, how about getting a softball set so Mommy and them can safely have a knock around and get introduced to the sport? Maybe she’s already a keen softball Mom? There are some great pieces and kits out there to keep everyone amused for hours. Sportsbox has some great kids sports sets available, including for baseball. 

17. Happy Feet


baseball mother's day gift idea - custom baseball socks


Dads are also responsible for buying presents for mom from the really little ones who can’t get out and do it themselves. You can buy amazing presents that will really brighten up your home and hearts like a mini handprint & footprint keepsake frame!

Another foot-related gift for mom are fun socks. Socksrock.com even has some special baseball socks too. 

Don’t Forget the Grandmothers!

Grandmothers are mothers too. It’s also their special day so don’t go leaving them out!

Maybe granny is a huge ball game fan, maybe she was even a heck of a slugger in her day?

18. A Baseball Hoodie


baseball mother's day gift idea - baseball hoodies


The older generation loves to stay warm. So how about treating Grandma to a nice, warm hoodie? Macy’s has got a great range to choose from that will rock granny into the 21st century!

19. History and Literature


baseball mother's day gift idea - scratch-off poster


Baseball goes back a long way. In fact, it is believed that (sorry) the French invented the first game that went some way towards looking like baseball way back in the 1300s! The earliest official use of the term base-ball has been traced back to Britain in 1744. And since 1856, baseball has been referred to as ‘the national game’ of the USA, who are now easily the world leaders in the sport. 

One interesting piece of educational baseball merchandise is this scratch-off poster from newverest.com, which features infographics on various MLB fields around the U.S.A.

20. Books


baseball mother's day gift idea - books on the game of baseball and its history


But what I’m getting at here is that all that history has left a lot of literature in its wake. From pure history books to almanacs, and player biographies. There are quite literally thousands upon thousands of books out there about every aspect of the sport. Such as ‘The Greatest Baseball Stories Ever Told’. Books make excellent gifts, and if you can find a signed copy of an autobiography, wow, what a keepsake.

21. Baseball Cards and Memorabilia


baseball mother's day gift idea - baseball trading cards


Another institution of baseball is baseball cards. Highly collected worldwide, some fetch crazy money, especially autographed specimens. And if that special lady is already a card collector, how about treating them to an album or some sleeves to keep them safe?

22. When In Doubt... Dugout Mugs Is Your Go-to!


baseball mother's day gift idea - Wined Up baseball bat wine glasses from Dugout Mugs


Dugout Mugs’ solid-wood baseball bat mugs and glasses are truly stuff that legends are made of! It doesn’t matter if the special lady loves beer, wine, or just plain old tea, our top quality products are guaranteed to satisfy.

Gifts For Everyone!

23. T-Shirts


baseball mother's day gift idea - Banana Replic's Tee shirt collection for women


Everyone loves a t-shirt and you can never have too many. T-shirts are an excellent idea for a present, whatever the occasion. This is an affordable gift that can be bought by anyone, for anyone. Let Mom show off her favorite MLB team or love of the game with a colorful, simple t-shirt. Is your lady into fitness? T-shirts come in all thicknesses, styles, and types of fit. There are literally millions to choose from, but here are some excellent ideas. Or try getting mom something stylish for the game. Banana Republic, for instance, is a good place to start looking for a fashionable ladies shirt if MLB merch is not a must.

24. A Baseball


baseball mother's day gift idea - signed baseball


At the heart of the game is the ball, a simple lump of cork or rubber, wrapped in hide, that keeps millions on the edge of their seats. What better gift for any baseball fan, from any baseball fan. Even pro-level balls don’t cost a ton, but imagine presenting Mom or Grandma with a ball signed by their favorite slugger or pitcher. Always be sure to go to a reputable source and check for authenticity so you don’t get caught out.

25. A Date With a Legend, on time


baseball mother's day gift idea - unique watches from Orignal Grain


Or one better than that, how about arranging for Mom to meet one of their heroes, past or present. Keep your eyes open for meet and greet opportunities and you might just be able to snag a ticket that could create the memory of a lifetime.

And when that special meet n greet does roll around, make sure mom arrives on time by gifting her a stylish women’s wristwatch, like those on originalgrain.com

26. Still Stumped? Try A Thoughtful and Flexible Gift Card


baseball mother's day gift idea - prepaid gift cards


Why not let Mom choose what she wants by getting her a gift card. You can put as much or as little as you want on there and Mom can spend to her heart’s content. It’s not thoughtless to go for the gift card option. Some people are just impossible to buy for! Some people seemingly have everything. So here’s a great place to explore your options, some that can even be done online (eGift cards)!

Maybe it’s Mom or Grandma's birthday at roughly the same time, so why not combine the two and throw a party, even if it is just a video call. Let’s show our appreciation for Moms everywhere!

Well, time is ticking, Mother’s Day will be here very soon, so hopefully, this article has given you some food for thought and we just know that, whatever you choose, it is guaranteed to put huge smiles on faces. 

Stay safe and keep enjoying the game!

Bonus Gifts


baseball mother's day gift idea - subscription to NFHS network


Even if mom already has all the best baseball merch, she might not have the time to attend all of her highschooler’s games. So why not sign up to film them and stream them with the NFHS network. Or if she is an MLB fantasy league fan, why not register a team for her on Sportsline.com?

One Final Hint


One way to make one of the gifts above into a double-gift is by including the signature of mom’s favourite slugger on it. Sportsmemorabilia.com has loads of such merch available. Steinersports.com is another good resource in this regard.