Dugout Mugs' Hot Takes For The 2020 Season

July 22, 2020

Dugout Mugs' Hot Takes For The 2020 Season


Grab a beer and read our team's wild predictions for the 2020 season:


* Mets win the World Series. Most likely, a subway series with the Yankees.

* A New York-based company will project the live World Series games on a skyscraper in New York.

* A random person will parachute into a game at some point this year.


* Tampa Bay all the way!

* Pistol Pete Alonso is going to go OFF in the HR category.

* The Atlanta Braves finish under 500.

Nate L.

* The Yankees will win 49 out of their 60 regular-season games.

* Josh Donaldson will hit more home runs than Pete Alonso.

* The Houston Astros will win the World Series.


* The Phillies will win the World Series.

* Stanton will lead the league in home runs.

* DeGrom will win the Cy Young.

Nate B.

* This is the year the Marlins win it all!


* The Miami Marlins will win the 2020 World Series.


* The Orioles are going to do their natives proud. This season Baltimore will be MLB's underdog!


* The Tampa Bay Rays and Washington Nationals will be in the World Series.

* No player hits over 30 home runs.

* The Padres' young talent propels them to a runner-up spot in the NL West.


Do you agree with our takes? Unwind, relax, and enjoy your favorite ice-cold beverage (preferably in a Dugout Mug) while you cheer your team onto victory. Baseball is back and we can’t be more excited to keep SWIGGIN’ for the fences!