Father's Day Gift Guide | Top 6 Gifts for a Baseball Dad

May 21, 2020

Father's Day Gift Guide | Top 6 Gifts for a Baseball Dad

Father's Day is approaching quicker than a Roger Clemen's fastball. No need to duck out of the batters' box. We have created this gift guide to make sure you hit a grand slam on his special day. From mugs inspired classic baseball movies like The Sandlot and Field of Dreams to our Pete Rose "Hit King" Collection, personalized mugs, and gifts under $30 we have something for every member of your team.
1. The Sandlot Dugout Mug - Great gift package if you are looking for something over the top! Relive the movie with Ham, Smalls, Squints, Benny the Jet, and more. It comes with a Dugout Mug (a baseball bat barrel mug), a signed photo, and 20 minutes of interview footage with Director David Mickey Evans.

cherry stained bat mugs for baseball dad
2. Cherry Stained Dugout Mugs - Our cherry-stained bat mugs are a very limited release. We only have enough to make about 50 bat mugs per MLB team. Perfect for the collector who wants a product that is both classy looking and unique.

photo on a bat mug for Father's Day
3. Photo Bat Mugs - Great value, and great product! Someone can take a special photo and have it engraved on the side of the Dugout Mug. For only $39.99 - this is a steal of an offer!

field of dreams bat mug for Father's Day
4. Field of Dreams Dugout Mug - The Kevin Costner film is a baseball classic. If this is dad's favorite movie, he will love this gift, which comes with a killer photo of the mug on the Field of Dreams movie site. 

Pete rose baseball bat mug
5. Pete Rose "Hit King" Collection Bat Mugs - Love him or hate him, Pete Rose is a legend... Many dads probably grew up watching him. Only $59.99 for these, and they are pretty sweet! We will also be surprising people with hand-signed mugs along the way!
under $30 gift for baseball dad
6. Unique Baseball Gifts under $30 - Shop our Knob Shots collection (a knob of a baseball bat turned into a shot glass), Season Opener bottle openers, The "Cutter" Signature Series half baseball bottle openers, coasters, and more.