The Dugout Mugs Effect

June 29, 2020

The Dugout Mugs Effect

Everyone loves a Dugout Mug, and the stories we receive from customers on a daily basis are incredible. We wanted to highlight some of those in a series we are calling, "The Dugout Mugs Effect." 

Recently Adrienne Griffiths from Pennsylvania shared with us this note:

I wanted to thank you so much and let you know how COOL your products are. My dad, unfortunately, passed just over a month ago after an arduous battle with cancer that nobody thought he would survive for even a week when they found it 5 years ago. His death arose from complications post stem cell transplant, but due to COVID, we couldn’t be with him until the end in the hospital, so we lost a month of getting to see him face to face. 

He was my forever best friend, but he was my brother’s absolute rock and superhero. They were both huge huge baseball fans, both EXCELLENT players, and my dad was even a coach for my brother’s teams when he was little. The moment I found these mugs, I knew that was going to be my brother’s gift for Father's Day. I didn’t know it would arrive so quickly (thank you!), so I definitely ordered it way too far in advance, but it’s so beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift. 
Thank you so much for the smile your product put on my face in such a difficult time. I know my brother is going to love it.

As for her brother Brad, Adrienne was right. He absolutely loved it.

My dad and I are both avid Phillies fans, and every year we would do a father/son trip to a game.  The picture you used for my mug was the last game we had together.  Baseball was a very big part of our lives from the time I was a kid. 

He coached all of my teams I played on up until high school ball, and he never once missed a single game in my 15 years playing.  The mug is a perfect way to preserve a memory that is deeply rooted in a major aspect of our time together, and I thank you for that!
From all of us, cheers to you Brad and to your dad who is smiling down on you from up above! Welcome to the Dugout!