We Teamed Up With The Troopers United Foundation

August 31, 2020

We Teamed Up With The Troopers United Foundation


At Dugout Mugs, we're all a team, from our employees to our customers, to the entire baseball community, we love partnering with everyone we can! That's why we joined forces with the Troopers United Foundation, an organization founded by NJSP Troopers whose mission is to be of assistance to any and all Troopers, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders, and their respective families, in the event of tragedy or illness.

"We accomplish this through donations, hosting fundraisers, and selling merchandise, of which 100% of the net proceeds benefit those in need," said TUF President and Co-Founder Andrew Silipino.

"We have been working with Dugout Mugs for several years now, purchasing custom mugs to sell during our fundraisers. TUF owes a large part of our success to these excellent products and the sales we make as a result." 
This year's Dugout Mug design pays tribute to Trooper Thomas J. Hanratty who was killed in 1992 by a vehicle while conducting a traffic stop on Route 78 in Union County, NJ. The NJSP has suffered a total of ten Troopers who have lost their lives in the line of duty at the hands of motorists.

"In an effort to stop this senseless loss of life, New Jersey has adopted the “Move Over Law”, which requires motorists to move over and change lanes to give safe clearance to all LEOs, firefighters, ambulance/medics, utility workers, tow-truck drivers, and disabled vehicles on the roadway," he explained.

Joining TUF in this crusade is a youth baseball team which has adopted Trooper Henratty, and the NJSP, in an effort to honor his memory. For this reason, they decided to dedicate their net proceeds from the sale of their newly designed bat mugs to the Elmora Youth Baseball League – Trooper Thomas J. Hanratty Memorial Complex. 
"The Elmora Youth League not only dedicated their complex to Trooper Hanratty but also adopted the name “Elmora Troopers” as their official team name and mascot," Silipino said. "The Elmora Troopers became a household name after they became Little League New Jersey Champions and represented the Mid-Atlantic Region in the Little League World Series Tournament in Williamsport, Pennsylvania."

Teaming up with the Troopers United Foundation was a win-win for all those involved.

"We at TUF believe this new design, dedicated in honor of Trooper Henratty, which incorporates his actual signature, will be a hit, Silipino added. "TUF in conjunction with other NJSP nonprofit organizations and the Elmora Troopers baseball team will use our bat mug fundraiser to continue to raise awareness for the “Move Over Law,” educating the public and hopefully saving lives."

More on the Troopers United Foundation

"Since our formation in 2016, we have received a great deal of support from our fellow enlisted members throughout the State. TUF has been able to raise and donate over $150,000.00 to the survivors of the fallen and families in need of assistance. This financial relief has gone towards many causes, including but not limited to: children battling cancer, natural disasters, serious injuries, permanent disabilities, and our heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives in the performance of their duty."

"To date, TUF continues to promote our mission and services to our fellow NJSP, LEO, and First Responders. We take great pride in our accomplishments and have expanded our initiatives through partnerships with other charitable organizations, both within our own organization, and that of the broader LEO community. Working side by side, we have helped these charities provide academic scholarships, financial support, and promote awareness for other non-profit causes, in addition to our own. Our goal, to help each other in a time of need, continues to this day and is made possible through support like yours."
For more information about our organization and the charities that we support, please visit their website at www.troopersunited.org.